<VV> Corvair Humor

Craig Nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Sat Nov 17 12:48:29 EST 2007

Others have posted items that I forgot (only once) such as baffles and the
engine fan.

Here are a few dumb mistakes that I claim:
1) Forgot to install the input shaft.  I did notice that the trans went
right onto the bellhousing but chalked it up to *perfect* shaft alignment
rather than a missing input shaft ;-)

2) Forgot split ring in differential snout. That was fun: the first time the
car jiggled the input shaft vibrated like a mouth harp!  This occurred about
1/8 mile from my garage and thereafter following every less-than-perfect
clutch release.  I think the car accumulated about 2 miles before it came
back into the shop for installation of the 50-cent ring.

The prize winner:
3) One day my GB made a big bang as I pulled away from the curb in front of
the house. Idling in gear with the clutch up produced no go.  I "knew" it
was the spider gears as I had recently really stressed the rig in a 100 mile
dirt road "adventure" and I had previously broken the spider gears. I had a
complete, spare, 140PG powertrain sitting in the shop so I took the
opportunity to do a complete powertrain swap and conversion from MT to AT.
All done, I started the engine and shifted into "R" to back out of the shop.
Result: NO GO!  "D" was also a NO GO.  Idling in "D" and looking under I
could see the U-joint yoke rotating on the stationary axle shaft...

Craig (always learning) Nicol

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