<VV> Corvair aircraft

mark at noakes.com mark at noakes.com
Sat Nov 17 12:58:10 EST 2007

I'm well aware of the concerns about the Corvair crankshaft being able 
to take the stresses of turning a prop, but the guys flying Corvair 
engines are technically rigorous and no crazier than the typical 
experimental/homebuilt aircraft type. It would probably behoove the 
Corvair community to have a tighter relationship with them.

There's a guy who seems to be leading the commercial end of the 


and here's a guy who has built an exceptional engine and been flying 
it for a while:


These are all, of course, very small homebuilt aircraft...one or 
barely two seaters as long as the two aren't heavy people.

Mark Noakes
61 Lakewood
66 Monza
flying (piloting) since I was 13 but gave it up to pay for my car 

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