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Many moons ago...I pulled into a Miss. town on my Harley.......stopped by the Cops 4 times in 11 blocks before I got to the house...

So the people had me drive a 66 Corsa 140..that the sons uncle had given him...and he didn't like to drive....handled funny and had no power......and they didn't want their daughter seen on the back of a chopped Hog.....ggggg??"Dad" was a General in the USAF.

I adjusted the air pressures correctly..... retimed.....and removed the wires that kept the choke lockouts ON......

Soon the Son rode with me......immediately said, "let me drive!!!"?? ggg

When I left 1 week later...the Cops loved me....Mom thought I was very nice....Sonny? thought I was the greatest mechanic that ever lived....and Dad was ready to shoot me......? Sonny had 2 gotten 2 tickets the night before....

Matt Nall
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About 8 years ago I completed a restoration on my son's 65 monza coupe with a 
140 hp engine in it.  I installed the secondary carbs but was missing the 
linkage rods from the lockout lever to the chokes.  I meant to pick them up 
somewhere and install them later.  Well time goes by.  I never drove a 140 
before and was not impressed by its power. Not much better than my 110hp 
convertible.  My son picked up the car and drove it for the next 8 years in 
Buffalo about and hour away.  Last fall he brought it back home to fix a sticky 
accelerator pedal.  I looked at the engine and immediately noticed the lacking 
linkage.  I took off the lockout lever and man that corvair could just fly.  We 
were both impressed with the car - and my failing memory.  I still can't believe 
I forgot  about that linkage for all those years.  
Dennis Dorogi

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