<VV> Dumb Things

Paleofish stripepike at mac.com
Sat Nov 17 20:14:56 EST 2007

Ok so a couple years ago my brother was driving home and nearly run off 
the road by another car not paying attention. He hit the curb and after 
that we decided that the front suspension in my Corsa needed to be 
worked on and/or alligned.  We got new tie rod ends and pitman arm 
bushings.  So the day after thanksgiving a nice balmy New Mexico day, we 
take the front suspension apart to start replacing stuff.  being we were 
both in school it was the only day off we had and had to finish that 
day.  Mistake #1 reuse the tie rod from a rust free car.  the car maybe 
but those buggers weren't.  Mistake #2 thinking we can allign the car at 
8pm in the dark with the work lights and the temps had droped in to the 
mid 20s.  when it is that cold and dark it is really hard to read the 
alignment.  We had to go back the next day in the light cause the car 
kept driving funny.

and I won't even admit to leaving the brushed out of an altrenator 
before installing it and wondering why it still wasn't working

66 Corsa
61 Sedan
63 Coupe that is just living at my house

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