<VV> The Dumbest thing.....

Bill Kronen billpat at telusplanet.net
Sat Nov 17 22:55:40 EST 2007

The dumbest thing I ever did with regard to Corvairs......was to listen 
to a friend extol the virtues of aircooled, rear engined cars, first and 
foremost the Corvair.  Though it had been  a long time interest, it was 
his beguiling views that led me to the Internet and the world opened up 
through eBay, and endless sites, and Virtual Vairs. At 66 years of age, 
I was hooked!  Word of mouth led me to Joel (no last names) who knew of 
a 63 Spyder vert in Seattle.  Some so called friends were willing to 
help me in my weakness so it was trailered home to Alberta, Canada.  But 
I soon discovered that one wasn't enough and had to have a late model.  
That same Joel (curse him) knew of a 66 Coupe, right in his hometown of 
Victoria, BC so the deal was struck and I drove it home, would you 
believe the first time I had actually driven a Vair any distance, 600km 
over the Rocky Mountains in early Spring.  A prime example of how 
addictions can make you less than smart.  As that car underwent 
extensive surgery I drove the Spyder to many shows only to be ridiculed 
by the uninformed and praised by many who had a Corvair in their past.  
But one thing led to another and before I knew it a lady who could not 
destroy her father's 61 Monza, thought that I should have it.....for a 
buck.  Another friend(?) knew of an early Canadian built 65 Monza 
languishing in a field for many years. He didn't think the owner wanted 
it anymore. He didn't!  It, too, is in my possession for less than a 
buck.  Another acquaintance suddenly announced that he had all 
mechanical gear from a 62 Lakewood (an aborted dune buggy project)  
would I like to have it all, engine, tranny, sheet metal, crossmember 
with all parts attached, rear axles, etc.  My weakness, my disease, 
overruled reason, and I accepted his offer.  When will it end? Can 
anyone tell me the phone number for Corvairs Anonymous?   My name is 
Bill and I own a Corvair!  
Bill Kronen
Rocky Mt. House, Alberta, Canada

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