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Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 17 23:43:08 EST 2007

My daughter and I just replaced her '64 Spyder clutch cable, in her gravel parking lot, working by AA battery flashlight as the darkness fell and cold descended. As we were working under the car I told her about the VV thread on "dumb things" and asked her if we had ever done any dumb things while working on Corvairs. She said "where should I start?". She is convinced we always have to do each repair 3 times before we get it right. Not true, I think we only did it twice once!
  Anyway, as we had this conversation, she was installing the rear tunnel cover. We got a good laugh when I pointed out that we couldn't put the forward cover on till we removed the rear cover again. 
  When I lowered the car from the last 2 jack stands at the end of it all, it fell off the stands and started rolling toward the adjacent car in the lot till Leigh ran around and jerked the parking brake. Does that count if I thought about it earlier and meant to re-apply the brake so it wouldn't roll? Or does that mean it counts double?

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