<VV> Dumb and Dumberer

Mike Jacobi mvjacobi at comcast.net
Sun Nov 18 18:39:56 EST 2007

How about the time I was in a tearing rush to replace the starter on the 63 Monza and rather than take the time to place jack stands as I should have, just put the rear up on a jack....and working on getting the starter off, brought the car down about half an inch from my head!!!  Scared the 10 W 30 right out of me.

Or the time, (non-Vair) that my trusted mechanic, having replaced tie rods, forgot to safety wire the castle nuts.  You know, its hard to steer an 81 Chevrolet Station Wagon at 70 mph without tie rods...don't ask how I know this...the good part is that at the time I had top notch health insurance.

Mike (fully recovered) in Michigan

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