<VV> Stripped threads/plug holes/ dumb

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Nov 19 00:00:45 EST 2007

The 18mm tap and 18mm spark plug was used by Danny here in VA when the 
hole was too big for an insert.

Frank DuVal

Chris & Bill Strickland wrote:

> > >  Best spark plug "repair" I've seen was on an engine someone gave 
> me. It had a stripped plug hole so they had wrapped black electrical 
> tape around it and screwed it back in the hole! < <
> okay, dumb things I've done -- lots -- but no eloquent verbiage here 
> -- the above reminds me of an F-85 my dad briefly owned, and which I 
> also drove briefly -- long before I met either my first Corvair or 
> Heli-Coil -- aluminum 215 with a stripped #8 plug hole. It sorta had 
> enough threads to hold the plug in until you put a good load on the 
> engine, at which point it would blow out, so you'd stop, take the plug 
> off the end of the wire, push/screw it back in, and travel on till it 
> happened again.  Dad told me to "fix it", method not important, just 
> cheap -- he wanted to sell it, and it was his car.  So I hacksawed 
> some self tapping slots in a used 18mm plug and screwed that puppy in 
> -- hope none of y'all wound up with that motor ...
> There are probably some 'Vair heads out there with similar mutilations 
> having been done on them.
> Bill Strickland

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