<VV> Brake gremlin

J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 20 00:23:48 EST 2007

Well, I just went to the CORSA site and read the judging sheet.  It does indeed say "strain at 1/2 travel".  Is 4 clicks 1/2 travel????   I've never done concurs, so don't know (remember) where I got the 3 or 4 clicks idea.

But, anyway, this should be a guideline to answer the original question.

Later, JR

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  Actually the Factory manual (1961) says to pull the handle up 4 clicks, then adjust the cable to get heavy drag on the wheels. Heavy drag by hand is not going to hold the car on a hill, so I am sure after that adjustment you would be able to pull the handle much more than 4 clicks (probably 9 clicks :-))

  I don't know what the Concours rule is. I vaguely remember someone telling me to pull my brake a few clicks with it idling, then shift to D and R to prove it didn't move. But I don't remember how many clicks. My last judging form said "strain at half travel" as the judging criteria for the parking brake - not sure what that might mean. 

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