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Wed Nov 21 12:39:49 EST 2007

I saw the auction and from what I could see, the tag looks authentic. I also hear that YS 114 is alive and well, so does that mean there are two YS 114 tags out there?

I remember a discussion about Fitch Sprints and Yenkos a few years ago regarding what made a Yenko or a Fitch what they are. It was agreed that provenace was a factor but it boiled down too one simple fact, Yenkos had ID tags and Fitch's did not. So basically if your car had enough Fitch items, its a Fitch. Paperwork is great but not really needed. Yenkos on the other hand required a Yenko ID tag. You could have all the Yenko goodies, but without the tag it's not a Yenko. As you know Both Yenko and Fitch sold their stuff through the mail so any home builder could build a Yenko or Fitch. You did'nt have to buy one of the cars they themselves modified at their shops. So you could buy a Yenko ID from Don and build your own Yenko on whatever late chassis you wanted. They are considered Yenkos because of the small metal id tag they put on the car. Yenkos were often rebodied due to to racing accidents etc. They even attached a Yenko tag to a Convertible and Viola, you have the only Yenko convertible. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe both Seth Emerson and Herb Berkman bought Yenko tags and built there own Yenkos. These cars are on the Yenko registry. So I would surmise that the Original 125 (100 1966, and 25 1967) Yenkos with documentation might be worth a bit more, but any Late Vair with an authentic Yenko tag would be a Yenko. So whats to stop someone from attaching a Yenko tag to another Convertible? Then it would not be the "only" Yenko Convertible in existence anymore. 
    I always found it amusing that you could have two identically equipped cars (ie with identical yenko goodies), and you could multiply its value three fold by attaching a small stamped id plate that Don would have sold you thru the mail for a few bucks. Who knows, maybe theres a box somewhere gathering dust that full of Yenko plates that Don never got around to selling that fills in the gaps in the registry.

Here is an example of the same type of  thing with a Yenko Contemporary , the Shelby Mustang. 
    I read about a Shelby mustang that was wrecked, and the owner sold the shelby tags from the car. Someone used the tags and built up a new Shelby, and had it registered as a Shelby.
Later someone bought the wrecked Shelby mustang and restored it, and even though it was the original chassis, it could not be registered as a Shelby since it no longer has the Shelby tag.
The Owner with Original Chassis sued and lost. So it does'nt only apply to Corvairs and Yenkos. So it appears that Yenko owners had better safeguard there Yenko ID tags.

Bigwave Dave Trull

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