<VV> Kelmark Stash

Roger Gault r.gault at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 23 01:34:28 EST 2007

Today I was driving south on I-35 between the beautiful cities of Lorena and Bruceville-Eddy, TX (just south of Waco) and spotted a pair of V8 Kelmarks beside the road.  Both were in deep basket case mode, but looked mostly complete except for one having the doors missing.  It was pretty nearly dark, so I didn't get a good look.  If anybody is interested, they are on the southbound frontage near mile marker 319.  They're not going anywhere soon.  ;-)

These cars were next to a burned to the ground Ferrari 308 and another Ferrari or replica that had a high spoiler like an F40.  Don't know my Ferraris very well - not in my general price range.


Corvair Content:  I'm pretty sure all these V8 Kelmarks used Corvair drivetrains and are candidates for the V8-Vair guys.

PS:  In the unlikely event that somebody ends up with one of these.  I'd like to talk to you about the wheels.

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