<VV> New Clutch Isnt Working

Lon Wall corvairs at pacifier.com
Sat Nov 24 16:05:38 EST 2007

Brilliant explaination Frank! - Thank you very much. Lon


Frank DuVal wrote:

> What Lon means it that for the synchronizers to work properly in a 
> transmission, everything has to be like it is driving on the road. The 
> fluid has to be at the right level and viscosity. The wheels need to 
> be in contact with the pavement. When the tires are in the air, you 
> don't have the friction element that slows the gears to mesh properly.
> Also, the manual transmission is a very weak fluid coupling, due to 
> the viscosity of the gear lube, so even with the transmission in 
> neutral, a very slight amount of power is transmitted through to the 
> output shaft. The tires resting on the ground will never turn with 
> this slight power, but up in the air they can.
> Frank DuVal
>>Steve - NEVER NEVER NEVER assume that you have an engagement problem by 
>>testing it with the car on blocks. It only takes the slightest amount of 
>>tightness to make you think that the clutch will not disengage! IT IS 
>>Steve Brennan wrote:

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