<VV> Smog Heads

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Sun Nov 25 18:11:18 EST 2007

I am still uncertain on the differences at the end of production and apologize if I am "beating a dead horse" but I am not satisfied with the present answers/opinions. Is the only difference in 68-69 AIR in the pistons? My understanding is the 95HP had flat pistons and the 110HP had the "domed" pistons.The cylinder heads were identical. Is this correct?
Again, I thank you all.
Timothy Shortle in Durango,Colorado
  Smitty says:  Tim take a look at the numbers of the smog heads on the first white page inside the Clarks catalog.  (you do have one don't you?).  Different numbers for different applications.

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