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    Frank "when will they ever learn?" Burkhard
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jtreinhart at omnitelcom.com writes:

Everyone, I have a 1965 Corsa Turbo Convertible for sale on the CORSA  
website. It has 52000 miles and has not been driven since 1972. It is not  
completely rust free but it is a very good candidate for restoration. Heres  the 
kicker. The car is completely disassembled except for the front and rear  
suspention. It is a complete car and I have all the parts off the car stored  in the 
attic of my shop. The car is not for the faint of heart. It will  require a whole 
new interior and top, plus the body work. I have many new and  NOS parts to 
go with the car. The original Turbo engine is already rebuilt and  ready for 
shrouds to be put on. I am asking $4000. This includes the price of  the car and 
all the parts that go with it. Please contact me be E-mail at  
jtreinhart at omnitelcom.com or by cell phone 641-425-5775 if you have any  interest.           
                     Jamie Reinhart         

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