<VV> 102 distributor

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Mon Nov 26 11:55:27 EST 2007

Smitty Says:  Lloyd a question like that can leave a whole lot open for erroneous answers.  Consider that there are different distributors for sticks and automatics, not to mention refinements in tuning from year to year for each one.  So basically you have a stick and an automatic for 102s and one each for 110s.  Looking at the charts and just making a general statement they appear to be about one degree different in Vac Advance and one degree different in mechanical advance.  RPMs at which these take place are generally a couple of hundred different.  Big deal?, maybe not.  Will it work?, probably acceptable.  Just keep in mind that the engineers spent hundreds of hours trying to get one more HP or one more MPG.    

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