<VV> 110 HP/95 HP differences for 1968-1969

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????????  Maybe I misunderstood. Any engine that uses the domed  pistons HAS 
to use the hemispherical chamber head (same as 64-66 turbo)  otherwise there 
will be interference with the domes pistons. In that case the  heads are NOT 
the same. If you used these hemispherical heads with flat  pistons you'd have a 
n 8-1 comp ratio rather than the usual 9-1. That's a big  difference in 
headfs. Teh domed pistons were never used in 95hp heads.  Lon

Hi Lon,
Well, I guess so.......
Obviously any Corvair engine using domed pistons would have to use one of  
the open-chamber heads that Chevrolet made.  But, please  note!  These are Not 
hemispherical heads by any stretch. They are just  without any squish area. 
But nevertheless, yes, these would have a CR of about 9:1 with the domed  
pistons. That is what Chevrolet deemed appropriate for the smog-type 110 HP  
And yes again, with the open-chamber heads and flat-topped pistons, you got  
a CR of about 8:1.  Isn't that just what the smog 95 engine used for a  CR.?  
Doesn't that work out just perfect?  Both engines using the  SAME open chamber 
head? So you can clearly see now that only ONE head-type...the  open-chamber 
head .....was used for any an all of the 95hp and 110 hp smog  engines.
Bob Helt

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