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Mon Nov 26 21:13:49 EST 2007

Matt Nall
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This is for 65-66 dashes. EM Spyder dashes will be the same except for Wire color / placements 

System Check with COLD engine: 

1 with key "ON" is gauge" 

Always over 600 f = good 12vdc to gauge / no ground 

Rises to over 600f = shorted lead to Thermister / shorted T-M. 

Needle moved but under 200f = gauge funtioning / open circuit to thermister / T-M bad 

Thermister / wiring checks 

2 wire plug behind dash / Black with light green stripe should read 4,000-6,000 ohms to GROUND 

High Temp lead from T-M should read 4-6k ohms 

Thermister should read 4-6k ohms 

Gauge Checks 

With Dash Harness unplugged: 

Black / lt Green wire to dash [ 2nd pin in from row across from open hole] to Black / Purple wire in plug [ 2nd pin over from empty hole] 
should read 50 ohms [ gauge good ] 

with dash harness pugged in / key ON and T-M disconnected you should see 10 VDC clear 
back to T-M. 

I'll get this up on my Techpages ..someday...gg 

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