<VV> Pilot Bushing Installation

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 27 01:16:45 EST 2007

I am quite surprised at the number of folks that are reporting that this 
is "just like a tight pilot bushing" for Steve's clutch problems.  I've 
changed hundreds of clutches over the years and never had "a tight pilot 
bushing" problem.  Done just about everything else though  (backwards, 
wrong shaft, wrong TO bearing, no TO bearing -- I guess that should have 
been with that other thread).

What do you folks all do to damage the bushing so?  Install it with the 
input shaft?  I may recall having done this once many clutches ago, and 
then deciding it was so beat up that I took it back out, turned it over 
and used a much better tool, a socket, to reinstall it.  Doesn't anybody 
notice when using said shaft as a clutch centering tool when bolting 
down the cover if the shaft is overly tight in the bushing? You want 
that shaft to slide in and out of the hub and bushing like, well, this 
is a nice family list, so that idea won't do, anyway, nice and *smooth*, 
the same way you want the transaxle to mate up to the engine -- just 
ease it all the way on home, unimpeded.

One should not need to pull the two halves together with the bolts -- if 
one is using this technique, you really don't have everything lined up 
and clearanced like you should.


Bill Strickland

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