<VV> Argghhh...Stinking Heater Woes!

Jim Bannister jimster1 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 27 20:15:40 EST 2007

What about the crankcase breather?  Could you be sucking up some stink from

My car's heater always smells like the exhaust is hooked up directly to the
heater ducts. I fight this problem every time it gets cold outside, get
frustrated, and give up. I've tried everything, short of replacing the
exhaust downtubes (lots of work, haven't had the energy yet). I tried
checking for exhaust leaks the other day. With the engine cold, I removed
the fan belt, briefly started the car and felt around the manifolds for
leaks. I couldn't find anything. I've replaced all the exhaust packings and
heater hoses. The engine is very clean. I don't imagine it is a leaky head
gasket, since I've had this problem for almost nine years and the car runs
fine. Could there be some sort of crankcase leak causing the odor? 

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