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I, for one, do not blame DACC in any way, shape or form for the delay in the CD. You guys put on a great convention and I totally enjoyed myself. I also appreciate all of the work that it took by the DACC folks to make the convention?the success that it was.

The only reason I suggested folks contact Ken was that he is in the area and might have some insight into what the schedule with the CD might be. I will contact Pete and tell him that I'm willing to wait for the CD. I would like to have it as a reminder of the great time I had in Detroit.

Again, a big THANK YOU to you and the entire DACC convention organizers for a great convention!

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And to all those waiting for their CD (DVD?)? 

Please keep in mind that the DACC is NOT a business ... it is a car club.? Everyone here works for a living so 07 Convention projects are done by volunteers on our own time after work.? We have no power over suppliers as we are but one order to them.? REST ASSURED you will be receiving either a CD or your money back from the DACC. 

The arrangements with the producer of the CD was originally made by Ken Hand but Pete Cimbala has been left to follow it through to completion.? Pete and I do not have the same work schedule?so?I do not often get to talk to him.? I don't know the latest?information.? I do know Pete has been trying to resolve the problem ... I am positive he will succeed.

Perhaps you could contact Pete directly at Corvairkid1963 at power-net.net?and tell him if you are willing to wait until he can ship the CD or if you would rather have your money back.

Thank you,
Ken Pepke
President, Detroit Area Corvair Club

PS.? About 98 to?99% of the rest of the 07 merchandise has been delivered.? A few pieces were returned to the supplier due to problems with the quality.? They will be shipped as soon as they are received by the DACC.

Ken P

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