<VV> Turbocharging using standard 110 carburetors

TTuttlelandscape at aol.com TTuttlelandscape at aol.com
Wed Nov 28 10:08:04 EST 2007

You can turbo-charge an engine one of three basic ways, with fuel  injection, 
or where you suck air through the carburetor, as a standard corvair  turbo, 
or where you blow air through the carburetor.  Does any know if  anyone 
attempted to modify a corvair standard turbo engine by removing the  standard 
carburetor, and just using an air cleaner, and then blowing the  air through 2 
standard 110 carburetors by modifying the tube running from the  turbo to the 
intake. I am looking for anyone who has done it or may have some  pictures of it?

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