<VV> 1963 corvair on TV tonight

Wayne B. afvair at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 12:54:17 EST 2007

I received a phone message from Bruce Lindsey news 
director at KSL Channel 5. My '63 Corvair vert was
used last week to film a piece, for the last "on air"
night for Dick Nourse. This piece will air 
at 6:30 tomorrow (Wednesday) for all those who would 
like to tune in. It's part of the "saying good by" to 
anchor Dick Norse for his 43 years at KSL-TV. Dick 
bought a 63 Corvair Spyder in 1963 when he lived in 
Grand Junction Colorado, and drove it to Salt Lake
City in 
1964. In-addition, he drove the car to and from work 
on social hall ave. where KSL studio's use to be. My 
63 convert was used with Dick Nourse and Bruce Lindsey
(co-anchor) driving around Salt Lake City, reminiscing
old times... Any questions please 
Email or give me a call. 

Don Broadhead 

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