<VV> License Plate Light Conversion to LED?

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Usually, the stated viewing angle is the half angle, meaning if it's a 60º  
viewing angle, it's got most of its peak intensity out to 60º from the axis of  
the device. 
That being said, there are VERY wide angle LEDs available these days. LOTS.  
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Keep in  mind that LED's typically have a narrow viewing angle. For instance,
a LED  with a 60 degree viewing angle can be seen effectively from any
direction  within 30 degrees of the top center of the LED. For early  model
Tail/Brake/Signal lamps, as well as license lamps, this shouldn't  present
much of a problem since their bulb socket faces rearward and the  LED's would
project at the correct viewing angle. For late models, however,  the bulb
socket insert from the bottom of the lamp housing at about a 30  degree angle
(a guess) from the horizontal. This would result in the need  to mount the
LED's in the bulb socket at about a 60 degree angle, and  ensure it faces

There are a number of 1157 LED replacement  bulbs available commercially, and
when inserted in the socket, they  appeared bright enough (looking straight
on, or from the side), but when  inserted in a late model socket, it just
didn't seem bright enough for my  personal taste.



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