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bowtieguy at cox.net bowtieguy at cox.net
Thu Nov 29 13:04:03 EST 2007

When in purchased my car it was necessary to clean out all of the mice droppings from the heater box. New duct work, front to back, plus cleaning out the metal heat vents was necessary too. The engine compartment was resealed and cleaned with Simple Green. This is done on a whenever it needs it basis now.

Meguiars makes Automotive Odor Eliminator and when sprayed in the engine compartment, and on all interior surfaces, the famous Corvair odors disappear in three days. I pay someone to fix and restore my cars, but I do now how to clean and maintain them from my experiences and the wealth of others shared experiences.

Bob Vukas
'64 Monza Convertible
 bowtieguy at cox.net

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