<VV> Turbocharging using standard 110 carburetors

FrankCB at aol.com FrankCB at aol.com
Thu Nov 29 13:17:08 EST 2007

Since carbs measure in fuel flow based on VOLUME of  air flow and are 
grenerally calibrated based on atmospheric pressure air, you'll  have to increase the 
jet sizing to allow for increased MASS flow of the  compressed air since more 
lbs/hr of air require more lbs/hr of fuel.  Also,  the fuel pump ain't gonna 
move any fuel when the boost pressure is 8 to 10 psig  and the outlet of the 
pump is only 5 psig.  So you'll have to figure out  how to boost the fuel 
pressure to compensate.
    Good luck!
    Frank "turbo booster" Burkhard
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kenpepke at juno.com writes:

Turbocharging and supercharging work the same way ... they are just  driven 
Ford and Kaiser supercharged their engines.  I  don't remember what Ford did 
but Kaiser
built a cast iron box around the  carb so the pressure would be on the fuel 
bowl as well as through the  venturi.  There may be a need to adjust  jetting.
You can turbo-charge an engine one  of three basic ways, with fuel  
or where you suck air  through the carburetor, as a standard corvair  turbo, 
or where you  blow air through the carburetor.  Does any know if  anyone  
attempted to modify a corvair standard turbo engine by removing the   
carburetor, and just using an air cleaner, and then blowing  the  air through 
standard 110 carburetors by modifying the tube  running from the  turbo to 
intake. I am looking for anyone who  has done it or may have some  pictures 
of it?

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