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Ok, so my spell check doesn't work on the subject line.



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Hey guys, it's registry, not registery !!

Jim Houston

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From: Mark Corbin <airvair at earthlink.net>
Subject: [SCG] Four door registery

I'm thinking of starting a registry for early and late
model four doors. It
would be interesting to see just how many of them have
survived, as I'm
afraid that they have undeservedly suffered a high
attrition rate. This may
spur a needed effort to save and preserve those that are

If you have a four door Corvair, email me privately with
the VIN and if
possible, the body tag info. I have started an Excel
spreadsheet with this
info on it, and could add more info if necessary. Not sure
where it will
all lead to, but I think an effort is long overdue.



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