<VV> Ignition Timing?? Pertronix??

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Wed Aug 6 18:13:44 EDT 2008

I think now is the time to get a timing light - perhaps carry it with  
you and see what goes on when the GB runs funny.  Does the engine  
seem hot when this happens?  One other question - are you sure it  
knocks first, or does the power drop off and then it knocks when you  
try to maintain speed?  Are both damper doors open (if present)?  If  
you shut it down and let it cool off, does it run ok then?


On Aug 5, 2008, at 4:27 PM, P.H. Raker wrote:

> Hello, all you ignition experts,
>      I'm finding a situation with my 'Brier 110/4 that puzzles me.   
> Much of the time it runs wonderfully.  BUT, occasionally it will  
> start pinging and knocking like someone has advanced the timing by  
> about 15 degrees.  Of course, when that happens, it also gets very  
> gutless - will hardly hold a steady speed.  If I can downshift or  
> coax it up to 3000 rpm or more and hold it there for about 10-15  
> seconds the problem usually seems to clear and it gets smooth and  
> quiet again.
>      It has a Pertronix 1 installed.  Is there something going  
> crazy in the Pertronix unit?  Is it something else?  I can't think  
> what else it could be.

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