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Arjay Morgan n3lkz at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 22:44:26 EDT 2008

Hi All:
Day before yesterday I posted a request for information on a dent puller system that I vaguely recalled.  Found it. It's sold by Eastman for $50 and it's described thusly:
Cross Bar Paintless Dent Repair Kit
Dents Without Damaging Paint - Now there's an alternative to expensive
paintless dent repair systems and extensive training. This new Dent-Out
system uses a hot melt glue gun with pullers to glue the puller right
over the dent. Specially formulated glue does not lift firmly adhering
paint and is easily removed with the included release agent. Includes
glue gun, adhesive, cross bar puller with small and large pulling nibs,
release agent and complete instructions. Made in the USA.

Thanks to all who offered help, but dis is da guy. Gotta get him soon. I'll let y'all know how it works. Meantime, if anybody got anything good or bad to say about the system please speak up before I part with the money.

Arjay Morgan
64 monza convert (for sale)


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