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Australia's road toll over the past 40 years just continues to drop  while 
our population continues to grow. Currently less that 400 people die  each year 
on Australian roads. And remember Australia is the same size as  continental 
U.S.A. We drive long distances in  Australia.

Well - Not quite. - From "Road Deaths Australia: 2006 Statistical Summary"  
published by Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and  
Local Government - in May 2007: 
Long term trend in deaths
• While there is evidence of  a long term downward trend in Australian road 
deaths, the number of deaths per  annum has not changed markedly since 2003.
• In 2006, there were 1,601  persons killed in 1,456 road crashes.  (Down 26 
persons from  2005)
In deaths per capita, Australia was, indeed, well ahead of the USA  - Based 
on lower deaths being better!
2004 results:  Australia  7.94   The USA   14.53   - The per capita rate 
represents the number of deaths  for each 100,000 members of the population; 
Oh - A few others - The good:  UK 5.34, Norway 5.59, Japan 5.76,  Denmark 
6.83, Switzerland 6.85, Germany 7.07, Finland 7.21
And the bad:  Poland 14.80, Romania 17.42, Qatar 19.07, Lithuania  20.89, 
Malaysia 21.04, Latvia 22.43, Russia 24.01, Iran 38.7
Finally - Seth's personal observation from a mere two weeks in  Australia - 
The Australian drivers were MUCH more disciplined than American  drivers. In 
many miles of riding around (In buses), not driving, I hardly saw  anybody make 
a stupid move or decision. But I guess they have to be - They are  all driving 
on the wrong side of the damn road!!     <grin!>

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