<VV> Possible 2010 Convention events

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Tue Aug 19 17:40:52 EDT 2008

We did a funkhana like this at the 2007 Vair Fair - the premise was  
"Twas the night before the Vair Fair" and your friend's car needed a  
new head (maybe you and your friend too :-).  The course involved  
driving between various various stations set up to be:

  - Your friend's house with the broken car
  - Your other friend's house with a spare cylinder head
  - The convenience store for (root) beer and flowers for your wife
  - Your house to drop off the flowers and get yelled at (your wife  
was played wonderfully by a male member of Tidewater Corvair Club who  
I won't name :-)

After picking up the head, root beer, and flowers, the task was drop  
off the flowers and get back to install the head.  I had an old head  
and block with liberally anti-seized studs, tools, and shop manual.   
Competition was fierce and it looked like they had a good time.  Too  
time consuming for a convention, but I think a technical contest  
might be well received.


On Aug 19, 2008, at 4:55 PM, The Reinharts wrote:

> All, It was mentioned to one of our ICE members at this years  
> Convention by the fine folks from Canada that it would be  
> interesting to do a fastest engine removal contest at a convention  
> sometime. The idea was researched and it was decided liability  
> would be a problem with an event such as this. It was then  
> suggested by one of our members that Plymouth used to have an  
> engine diagnostic contest where  teams of two would be provided  
> cars that the engines had been tampered with to make them have a  
> certain problem. Then the teams would be timed to see how long it  
> took to diagnose the problem and fix it. I am wondering if there  
> would be enough interest to hold such a contest as this at the 2010  
> Convention. Let me know your ideas and thoughts on this. Thanks

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