<VV> That fatal crash: Did we know the Ragsdales? Sad day, from any perspective

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProPer.com
Wed Aug 20 16:51:55 EDT 2008

I read that sad article, a leisurely Sunday morning destroyed by a drunk

Was the drunk driving the Cobalt ?
Most drunks do survive because they are more relaxed, which is sadder still
that he was not the one who was killed.

To top it off, someone calling him/herself a "Car enthusiast"
posted this insensitive response to the newspaper :
Monday, Aug 18 at 9:54 PM "Car enthusiast" wrote ...
The car is actually a very important part of this situation. The Corvair had
a book written about it titled "unsafe at any speed" Had this accident
occurred with two modern cars, all parties would not only be alive but
injuries would be minimal. Look at the driver of the Cobalt SS, he was up
walking around after it. He had proper safety restraints and air bags.
Everyone makes mistakes, the cobalt driver made the mistake of drinking, the
Corvair owner made the mistake of driving a Corvair.

... to which I had to respond ...
At the speed that was obviously involved, a newer car might not have faired
any better. The Corvair had something few other cars have, a large
"crushable" front end (being rear-engined) which likely absorbed most of the
impact and saved her husband's life. Many years ago, I had a similar
collision, and had I been driving my Camaro instead of my Corvair, I might
not be here today. I think we should focus on the people, not the car, but
that so-called 'car enthusiast' should check the facts!

What is truly sad is that the drunk driver did not lose anyone near and dear
to him, and jail is too good for him, even it's forever, which it should be,
but won't happen.

Has anyone contacted the family ?


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> I believe that news of the tragic, fatal crash in Indiana was  first
> brought
> to us by someone posting on this list asking if any of us knew the  family
> affected or were familiar with their 1964 Corvair coupe.  To the  best of
> my
> knowledge, that question has not been answered.  I checked my  most recent
> Corsa
> directory and did not see their names.  Does anyone know  if they were
> Corsa
> members or members of a local Corsa chapter?  Has any  one of us met them
> or
> come across their Corvair at a show or cruise in?
> BTW, their local paper added an article yesterday regarding  the
> community's
> reaction which reported, in part the following:
> <Meantime, family and friends are remembering Carol  Ragsdale with a
> special
> event. Because the Ragdale’s were such car enthusiasts,  they're having a
> "Celebration Cruise for Carol." It's on Wednesday night at the  Matterhorn
> Restaurant in Elkhart. It's from 4-8 p.m. Car enthusiasts and the  public
> are
> invited.>
> The complete article can be linked to at:
> _http://www.wndu.com/localnews/headlines/27105334.html_
> (http://www.wndu.com/localnews/headlines/27105334.html)
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