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For 1984-88 models:
Corvettes: 4.7 deaths per ten thousand 
Mustangs: 4.3 deaths per  ten thousand 
Camaros: 4.3 deaths per ten thousand 
Firebirds:  3.2 deaths per ten thousand

All right! Corvette wins Again!  Sort of!!
The most recent data from the IIHS measured models from 1995-1998. For  those 
models, Corvette was replaced on the list as the most dangerous car by  
Camaro, having a death rate of 308 deaths per million compared to the national  
average of 89 per million. Firebirds came in at second, with 267 per  million. 
And 1994-1997 Mustangs are showing improvement, with a drop to 138  per million.
What is it about these cars that is so unsafe? The drivers. 
The  cars themselves are not inherently unsafe. It's the way people drive  
So Seth has to add:
I would put it a different way - I don't think it is the "Way" people drive  
them - It is the "People" who drive them that way.  Inexperienced drivers,  
driving over their head - and not knowing the difference. However -Hidden in the 
 above statistics is the drop in fatalities: 
Camaro went from 4.7 per ten thousand to 3.07
Firebirds went from 3.2 per ten thousand to 2.6
Mustangs went from 4.3 per ten thousand to 1.38
In the latest IIHS numbers the Corvette is at 0.81
Why doesn't the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety mention this?  Because 
it is not in their interest. No big headlines for that!
Here is their quote:
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the death  
rates in all cars, including sports cars, have been steadily declining as  
manufacturers make adjustments and incorporate new safety features. The IIHS  
points out; however, the death rates in sports cars by comparison to all other  
vehicles have remained relatively stable. 
One look at the statistics above is proof that the IIHS is wrong!  Here is a 
quote from their latest report:
As high as death rates are in some models, the average rate for all  vehicles 
is going
down over time. The average driver death rate in 1989-93  models during 
1990-94 was
110 per million registered vehicle years (see  Status Report, Oct. 14, 1995). 
When the Institute
later computed the rates in  1999-2002 models, the average was 87 per million 
Status Report, March  19, 2005; on the web at iihs.org), and now it’s down to 
Her are the current "worst cars" in their latest publication
Chevrolet Blazer  
Acura RSX 
Nissan  350Z                   < Sports Car
Kia Spectra hatchback
Pontiac Sunfire 
Kia Rio 4dr 
Chevrolet Cavalier 
Mitsubishi  Eclipse 
Dodge Neon 
Pontiac Grand Am 
Chevrolet Cavalier 
Ford  Mustang                 < Sports Car
Ford Ranger 4WD 
Mazda B series 2WD 
Mitsubishi Eclipse  
Mitsubishi Montero Sport 
Part of the reason for the drop in Corvette fatalities is is likely the  
quick jump in prices for the Corvette - pushing them out of the hands of most  
younger drivers. 
Oh well!! - Seth Emerson (confirmed Corvair/Corvette/Camaro driver -  Still 
at 0.0 death per ten thousand miles!)

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