<VV> The four "deadliest" cars of all time...Now minus one

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  It's always a pleasure to read your posts. you stated:

  >> Part of the reason for the drop in Corvette fatalities is likely 
  >> the quick jump in prices for the Corvette 

  However, this quick jump has done little to reduce the rate of 
  collision for Corvette, which has steadily increased 
  in the past few years. 

  In various IIHS reports (loss by make and model) 


  Under the collision category, the Chevrolet Corvette, 
  and the Ford Mustang have the following ratings:

  (1999-01 Corvette) = 61     same year for --- > (Mustang GT = 112)
  (2001-03 Corvette) = 103   --- >                     (Mustang GT = 144)
  (2002-04 Corvette) = 113   --- >                     (Mustang GT = 156)
  (2003-05 Corvette) = 138   --- >                     (Mustang GT = 136)
  (2004-06 Corvette) = 148   --->                      (Mustang GT = 134)

  [All losses are stated in relative terms, with 100 representing the average 
  collision, i.e. a result of 122 is 22 percent worse than average]

  I dare not predict the next year's numbers for Corvette - I guess one 
  conclusion could be that the rate of "fatal accidents" are reducing but 
  the rate of collisions are certainly not... 

  With the exception of a few defective/explosive vehicles and some pilot errors, 
  collisions are a prerequisite for car related fatalities, which brings me to 
  my main point: 

  ummm...I want your Corvette :))


  Tony Irani

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  For 1984-88 models:

  Corvettes: 4.7 deaths per ten thousand 
  Mustangs: 4.3 deaths per ten thousand 
  Camaros: 4.3 deaths per ten thousand 
  Firebirds: 3.2 deaths per ten thousand

  All right! Corvette wins Again!  Sort of!!

  The most recent data from the IIHS measured models from 1995-1998. For those models, Corvette was replaced on the list as the most dangerous car by Camaro, having a death rate of 308 deaths per million compared to the national average of 89 per million. Firebirds came in at second, with 267 per million. And 1994-1997 Mustangs are showing improvement, with a drop to 138 per million.

  What is it about these cars that is so unsafe? The drivers. 
    The cars themselves are not inherently unsafe. It's the way people drive them...

  So Seth has to add:

  I would put it a different way - I don't think it is the "Way" people drive them - It is the "People" who drive them that way.  Inexperienced drivers, driving over their head - and not knowing the difference. However -Hidden in the above statistics is the drop in fatalities: 

  Camaro went from 4.7 per ten thousand to 3.07
  Firebirds went from 3.2 per ten thousand to 2.6
  Mustangs went from 4.3 per ten thousand to 1.38
  In the latest IIHS numbers the Corvette is at 0.81

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