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On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 12:16:27 -0400 "gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com"
<gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com> writes:
> Sure, may be anecdotal evidence.
> But when my grandfather and I went to pick up his new Corvette in 
> 1978, we
> didn't want to accept it because the paint was so bad. 
> snip >
> What I was trying to get across.........poor product, and lousy 
> service,
> drives the customer base away. In my case, they lost a customer for 
> life.
> Think that has not happened with others?
> Gary Swiatowy

Sure, that has happened to GM quite a number of times ... but that
is the trouble when using anecdotal evidence.  The same thing has
happened just as many times to Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota,
and all.  I once saw a cartoon that depicted a Chevy dealer on one
side of the street and a Ford dealer on the other side.  Passing each
other in the middle of the street were two men, each yelling back to 
the dealer they had just left that they would never be back :-)

Once I measured up a Toyota that was on display in the new car
show at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI.  It was fully 3/8 of an inch longer
on one side than the other making it the poorest quality control of
any sheet metal car I have ever examined ... and I was doing that
for a living at the time!

Control of dealers that give poor service was lost many years ago
when the US Supreme Court ruled that dealers are independent
business and were not under the control of the factory.
Ken P

> From: Kenneth E Pepke <kenpepke at juno.com>
> Subject: Re: <VV> GM press release OMG!
> Everyone has opinion but, admit it or not, most opinions are based
> on advertising.  The objective of advertising is to influence 
> opinion
> and advertisement people know how to accomplish their goals.

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