<VV> Electrical Question

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When the battery is flat, you probably won't get much (if any) spark out of 

But, you still need to determine why it discharged in the first place.
Later, JR

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> It's hard to believe I could make that dumb a mistake but that must be 
> what
> happened, I guess. And the only reason I didn't see sparks when I 
> connected
> the charger was because the battery had become discharged.
> I did some research and batteries can indeed reverse but this time it 
> looks
> like plain old "Battery Dyslexia". Still, having placed batteries on 
> charge
> probably hundreds(thousands?) of times without having this problem it's 
> hard
> to understand how I could do it now.
> Maybe I can blame it on the swine flu?  :-)
> Regards,
> Bob
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> The charger was connected to the wrong posts?
> Later, JR

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