<VV> difference between a sedan and a coupe

P.H. Raker n556p at yahoo.com
Mon May 4 09:15:22 EDT 2009

So ... Since all Corvair cars have approximately the same interior volume, the SAE definition would say that all Corvairs fall into the same category.  Does anyone know what the interior volume of a Corvair is?  Are they, according to the SAE definition, all Coupes or all Sedans?  Or are they so close to 33cu ft that there are some on each side of this arbitrary line?  (Of course, this discussion doesn't apply at all to the Lakewoods or FCs.)
Phil Raker
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Dorairaj Isaac wrote:
> Distinctions between a coupe and a sedan has little to do with doors and are
> made clear by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which standardizes
> definitions of the different types of cars on the market. Measurements of a
> coupe and a sedan are as follows:
> .         Coupe equals less than 33 cubic feet (.934 cubic m).
> .         Sedan is equal to or greater than 33 cubic feet.
> Thus a coupe and sedan can be determined by volume alone rather than being
> determined by number of doors. A two-door car with a larger than 33 cubic
> foot volume or interior space is essentially a two-door sedan. Likewise, a
> four-door car with less than a 33 cubic foot volume is a four-door coupe.


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