<VV> From the Mitty to BeaveRun

Robert Marlow Vairtec at optonline.net
Mon May 4 10:38:47 EDT 2009

Congratulations to all those who made the gathering of the Corvairs 
on and around the track at Road Atlanta a success!

While everyone is still enjoying the high from this event, let me put 
in both a good word and a sobering one about the NECC's track event 
at BeaveRun on May 30, our next chance to see and drive Corvairs on the track.

May 30 is a Saturday, so no need to take a day off to do this 
one!  And it is NOT Memorial Day weekend, Memorial Day is May 25.

Corvairs and non-Corvairs are welcomed.

Anyone can participate via the Taste of the Track program if they do 
not wish to do the regular lapping sessions.

BeaveRun is near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, within easy reach of a 
tremendous number of Corvair enthusiasts and those enthusiastic about 
other makes and models.


For whatever reason, registrations for this event are lagging 
dramatically, such that the NECC may be forced to cancel the event 
and forfeit the track deposit.  At the point in time, registrations 
are literally HALF what they need to be to reach our break-event 
point, substantially less than what we usually see less than a month 
before the event.

Cancelling, even though it will incur a financial loss, is more 
appealing than running with too-few entrants because we have yet to 
pay the insurance and other costs.  That balance is due this week, so 
it is now or never.

We would rather run the event.  So, please, if you want to see this 
event take place, go to the NECC site and register right away.

To register:


For more info:


--Bob Marlow, for the NECC

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