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Not only can you do it, you can also take the differential cover off and do
adjustments on both side adjusters! Obviously you have to leave the pinion
adjustment where it is, but you can "clunk" the ring gear back and forth by
reaching into the differential while laying on your back. With a lift it
should be a piece of cake. Please Santa, bring a lift....

I have done this on a 60 model with even lower clearance in that area.

Frank DuVal

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is it worth the risk to attempt replacing the right hand side axle sleeve O 
 RING without removing the differential? marking it and carefully 
reinstalling  it? someone has apparently had it apart and did not get the o
seated  properly , so it now leaks. i am doing a ton of other work on this
that so  far does not require powertrain r&r.  wrong this and that work has

caused a lot of grief for this guy so far. i am looking for someone that
say  they have done this with success , not just guessing!     it  is a 64 
spyder coupe. 
looking at it , i think i can pull it off. am i missing sumptin?
 mark the sleeve , count the turns , poke a rod thru the axle hole to  hold 
the carrier up until started , etc , etc,??
thanks , tim colson
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