<VV> 68 vs 69 interior color

Larry Ratliff thedove151 at yahoo.com
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I know there are always some in betweens during year end change overs but,
My 68 has a medium green interior. It does, however, have clear front side marker lenses.
I would have to look at the vin again to find out the build date.
Memory isn't much good anymore.
Anyway, thanks for the interesting info.

Larry Ratliff
1966 Painted
1968 Ugly

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The '68 and '69's all had the thicker padded dash and dash front
surround). Other than color, there was virtually no difference in these
parts. The "A" pillars were also padded, but the '69 had fine
grain vinyl
rather than the '68's coarse grain vinyl.

Other differences are that the '68 had clear front side markers while the
'69 had amber lenses. The sholder belts were made standard as of January 1,
'68, so some '68's had them and others didn't. Head restraints
standard or a "mandatory option" on '69's, optional on
'68's. The inside
arm rests on the '68's had a chrome strip and the '69's
didn't. The '69
bucket seats were wider, but only by a nearly undetectable 1". And the
buttons and window crank knobs are chrome and clear respectively on
but interior color on '68's.

On the mechanical side: The clutch cable on '69's only have a heim
rather than the crimped-on ball used on all earlier cars. Front wheel
cylinders on '69's came with a short tube extension and won't
with earlier ones. Some brake lines are also wire wrapped on '69's.

Finally, the interior colors on non-black cars are: '68's medium gold
medium blue, '69's medium green and dark blue.

Hope this clears up things.



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