<VV> Motor mount replacement

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 4 20:58:40 EDT 2009

While continuing my work towards the final phases of replacing the  
main and engine wiring harnesses (beginning the last 30% IF  
everything works as it should) and installing the G. Young rebuilt  
carbs (Thanks, Grant !) I looked down at the motor mount and said to  
myself, "Well, that don't look right!".  The mount was actually  
concave in the center!
Now, of course, I will have to replace the motor mount in the race to  
get the car ready for a big meet on the 16th of May.  My question  
that is not in the '65 manual as far as I can tell in the rear mount  
replacement instructions: Is there a difference in instructions to  
replace the mount on an A/C car with the A/C belt pulley in the  
way?   Can it be a one man job?  About how many hours for someone who  
has never replaced one?  I have a 1500 pound motorcycle floor lift  
(in place of engine lift and tool J-7894) to use to support the engine.

ALSO, how do I go about and what do I look for in checking the front  
mount? I could not find a reference in the Basics Manual.

Never an idle moment at the Corvaireum II

Stephen U

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