<VV> Odd Rattling Noise in an LM

Jeffrey B. Aronson jrh at foxislands.net
Wed May 6 10:53:16 EDT 2009

This is the board for technical expertise, so here goes.

Recently I noted an odd rattling noise coming from the engine area of my 
'66 Monza. It was not noticeable while underway, but when I pulled into 
a parking spot at home, I heard the rattling sound. When I depressed the 
clutch, it seemed to go away. Releasing the clutch brought it back.

I've read of flywheel issues with the Corvair and understand that one 
way to diagnose the potential problem is to depress the clutch pedal. If 
it goes away, then you may have an issue with the flywheel.

For some reason, I thought this was an issue only with the early EM's, 
that eventually, Chevy got it right. Is that accurate or does the 
potential issue affect all Corvairs?

This is a very stock car, 110/4, with 123,000 miles. About 3 years ago 
the P.O, had a clutch job done by a shop on the mainland which did 
engage the help of a Corvair enthusiast in the job. The car runs very 
smoothly with no drivetrain issues or vibrations under any conditions. 
The clutch engagement is always smooth and quiet.

It's raining here so I have not crawled under the car to see if the 
rattling is from something else under the car, nor have I taken a long 
screwdriver to see if the noise is engine rather than transmission related.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Aronson
Vinalhaven, ME 04863
'66 Corvair Monza Coupe 110/4
'66 Land Rover Series II-A [2]
'80 Triumph TR-7 Spider

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