<VV> Make a LM mobile without a powerpack

craig nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Wed May 6 14:09:14 EDT 2009

Bryan wrote:

(snip) Put the halfshafts back on the hubs.  Slide two hose clamps onto each

shaft, toward the hub end.  Put the gutter under the halfshafts and  

bend it around one shaft.  Slide the two hose clamps over the gutter,  

one near the end of the shaft and one near the end of the gutter, and  

tighten.  Repeat for the other halfshaft.  You now have a solid axle.


Your idea sounded pretty OK until this part. If the car were turned the
least little bit, the differential speed between the rear tires would twist
the gutter and it would collapse under the pressure.


The other issue is a parallel movement as viewed from the rear: // or \\
even with the hubs rigidly connected to each other and the lower control
arms stabilized. It takes very little tilt for the tire to contact the shock
and forward motion is retarded.  BTDT.


The best solution is a dummy power train or the wheelbarrow-type frame
mentioned earlier in the thread. 


For those with tractors: I've had great success moving a LM with a
tractor/loader. With no powertrain, the back is pretty light. Use the
tractor's bucket and a couple of 3' chains to the loops under each bumper
bracket. All you have to watch for and limit is potential contact between
the chains and the body - which surprisingly isn't much of an issue unless
you're moving uphill.


Having said that, the dummy powertrain is the only thing I've actually seen
that worked.

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