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Mikeamauro at aol.com Mikeamauro at aol.com
Wed May 6 23:49:13 EDT 2009

In keeping with VV etiquette, having solved a problem first brought to  the 
group, I'm now posting the resolution. Recap: about a month ago  I 
described a "sound of marbles" emitting from the engine or drive train of  my 67, 
110, PG coupe. The noise was occurring under acceleration,  and the sound was 
not unlike detonation; however, as the Safeguard remote  monitor was not 
picking up any knock activity. And, as the noise was most  prevalent with the 
engine cold--going away once warmed up--I did not feel the  source was 
detonation (with the forged pistons, it could have been piston slap;  thank Gos 
that's not what it turned out to be) . At the time, I  noticed tarry residue, 
on one side of the engine, coming from the  head/jug(s) area. I felt I may 
be seeing the results of combustion leaks--and,  as the noise went away as 
things "grew" as heated--head gasket leaks would make  sense; however, the 
noise was unlike any head gasket leak I'd ever heard.  Needing to solve the 
tarry residue issue, anyway, I pulled the head on the  offending side. Result: 
found five of the six top head nuts loose. Using the  pipe-over-stud with 
washers at both ends torque check method, found five studs  were pulling from 
the case. TimeSerted (using .9 length inserts) the pulled  studs, 
reassembled engine, and all is now right with the world: no more odd  noises. The 
engine has an .032 quench distance ...perhaps that had  something to do with the 
odd combustion leak noise? Anyway, its fixed.
Mike Mauro    
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