<VV> Help, heater hose installation on a 1965

Clark Hartzel chartzel at comcast.net
Thu May 7 18:00:29 EDT 2009

OK guys and gals, you have all done this at one time or another.  How do
you get the long heater hose onto the heater box?  The right side was
easy enough as you can access it thru the wheel well.  The left side
hose connects to the heater above and past the transmission and I can
barely see up there let alone get my arm in there.
My first problem was I ordered the rubber hoses from Clark's and they
sent two equal length pieces, one way too long for the right side and
the other too short for the left side.  I have figured out I can take
the piece I cut off and attach it to the other hose by using a coffee
can with the ends cut out.  My problem is I can't slide the hose onto
the heater tube.  Some solutions I have thought of are:  1. Cut an
access hole in the rear package tray so I can get at it from the top.
2. Take some pliers and bend the metal tube inward to be less than 4"
dia. to make a lead angle.  3. Spray some wax or grease into the hose to
make it slide on easier (that ought to smell good in the heater!)  Right
now the car is on a scissors lift and is about 4' above the garage
floor.  Not high enough to stand under and too high to lie on my back!
What have you done?
Clark Hartzel

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