<VV> Flywheel Pressureplate Combination

Mark Edmonds ctmle at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 7 17:25:31 EDT 2009

I am getting ready to put a 180 hp engine in a 65 Monza.  The engine is stock internally with 95 hp heads.  I will be using a two barrel Stromberg carb.  General concensus seems to be to use a 3.27 diff. to load the turbo.  I expect tires will be on larger rims but approx. stock diameter.
The car will be for street, but I also plan to run some auto cross events and time trials each year.  I have read that using the lighter 'standard' pressure plate provides better acceleration and deceleration.  I am thinking about using the heavier 140/180 pressure plate to have the heavier springs, and using Clarks taper bolt flywheel (C8722) that they say is about 3 pounds lighter (but not as light as their lightened racing flywheel).  
Does anyone have experience with this or similar combination to comment on how the combination may work out (bogging at start etc.) - any other comments / suggestions?
Thank you

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