<VV> 304 Cam Question

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sun May 10 12:12:23 EDT 2009

At 01:49 AM 5/9/2009, Chris & Bill Strickland wrote:
>BobHelt at aol.com wrote:
> > A great cam for the 110 and 140 engines.
>And how did you use this cam?

...if nothing else, *I* can tell you how this cam ran in what was 
effectively, for all intents and purposes, a 95hp engine with a pair 
of stock carbs (until the turbo went back on the engine).   While 
waiting on the rest of the turbo exhaust hardware, I ran a stock (for 
the moment) 110 distributor in the engine.

It was down on low end torque compared to the stock 95hp cam and 
about equal to the 110hp (891) cam.  Midrange was noticeably better 
than the 110 cam.   Even with the 95 heads normally aspirated, the 
engine had better top end and revved higher IMHO while still making a 
little more power than the 110hp cam seem to do.

It made me wonder why GM didn't simply use THIS cam in everything 
they put in a 'vair outside the base model engine.

If you revved the engine up and slid the clutch in hard with your 
right foot to the floor, the car would LAUNCH, barking the tires and 
pulling hard.   That was with 95 heads.   With 140 heads and headers 
I would imagine performance would improve slightly.   ;)

Just my experience, yours may vary.    But I got no issues with the 
304 cam at all.


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