<VV> 304 Cam Question

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Sun May 10 20:58:03 EDT 2009

>...if nothing else, *I* can tell you how this cam ran ...

Tony, Thank you!  Precisely the type of first hand reply I was seeking 
from your 304 driving experiences.

I'm putting an engine together out of spare parts so my long neglected 
rampy project will at last be mobil.  Going for a hi-squish motor with 
some fly cut 95 hp heads and just trying to decide which cam to use, an 
891 or a 304, both being available, and all my experiences having been 
with the 891.

Something that makes me wonder, having read Helt's 'Camshaft Usage' 
article in the Tech Guide many times, if the multiple seat bounce 
problems reported with the 891 may have had any effect on dropped 140 
seats -- I never really had any other valve train problems with mine in 
spite of generally ignoring the factory Corsa red line Back When.



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