<VV> Smog Heads -- 95 vs 110

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Mon May 11 01:28:10 EDT 2009

BobHelt at aol.com wrote:

> OH? Really??

Certainly there was no agreement --

> GM didn't reduce the CR by enough to make a difference. !!!!!

Data, Bob, Data -- IF it is in the Tech Guides, which one, which 
section, page number, please.  As you have promoted, CR isn't the only 
thing that effects combustion -- Tech Guide I, Fuel-Air section, pg 2, 
'Running on Regular' -- and such things DO effect horsepower, and we are 
talking here about removing the quench area you've so highly promoted, 
and  "it doesn't make a difference"?  Could you explain, please?  On pg 
6, this same article advises, "Stay away from the open chamber heads if 

> All advertised horsepower numbers are bogus anyhow. They are made up.

Agree with Detroit-built automobiles, but probably not "all" -- there's 
airplanes, tractors, locomotives (some even made in Detroit) ...  And 
sometimes Detroit even has gone deliberately low (still bogus) on hp 
such as in specific instances in the Muscle Car era, and an occasional 
luxury car.

Probably asking for Bob to hand me my head, but really looking for some 
factual answers here and not just platitudes, as well as personal 
experiences by those who have driven a smog car and then changed heads 
and driven it some more.



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