<VV> Wiring the electric fuel pump

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 11 18:39:42 EDT 2009

I finally got both of the harnesses in place and connected for the  
big tuning of the ignition.  I have power and the starter works.  I'm  
now ready to connect the electric fuel pump up in an attempt to see  
if she will turn over.  I touched the positive wire of the pump to  
the positive of the battery and it runs.
Unfortunately 1) My dad was the one who originally installed the  
first pump and 2) The positive wire that was attached to the ignition  
connection melted in the fire and I haven't a clue where to attach  
it.  I know that I could probably find a connection under the dash,  
but until I relocate the pump to the front, I need to keep it in its  
original location near the driver's rear wheel.  Where is the best  
location in that area or the engine compartment to attach said  
positive wire?

Oh, BTW, I am adding an inertia switch and an oil pressure switch  
that is on its way but hasn't arrived yet if that changes the  
location when I do have it.  I need to know both locations to attach  
it to the ignition if they are different.

Now 3/4 finished with this project because of the help of a lot of  
people on this list.

Stephen U

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