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Mon May 11 20:11:10 EDT 2009

Everyone who attended the Mitty had a great time and kudos have been passed out. I wish to add a couple. My thanks to those who went to RA and helped turn wrenches or just generally lent a hand. You can't imagine how much that helps on a race weekend. Anyone who comes out to an event where our Corvairs are there, love to have folks come by and offer and lend a hand. Little things like helping air the tires, torque the wheels, etc. all help more than you can imagine, when we are racing. So please, don't be shy. Come by and just hang out. Your company and moral support are really appreciated.

For the racers, Spence Shepard started the concept and lent his car for the driving school, Mike Levine carried the ball negotiating with HSR for acceptance of credentials and more, Sarah Beltrami-Past Pres of CORSA-helped negotiate with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, and Dan Giannotti was the spiritual cheerlader who kept everyone interested.

Most of all, I want to give a great big hand of appreciation and congratulations for the effort Chuckster (Louis Armer) of WTBRT fame and his helpers Scott Trunkhill and ? who were the driving force behind the Corvair Corral. He was able to get cars there on Friday and 16 on Saturday, just one week after their major Spring event in the Atlanta area (Our folks had to pay to spectate/play).  They deserve our thanks for giving a great showing of our cars to the public, resulting in much positive publicity for the Corvair. Chuckster deserves a massive amount of credit for the success of the Corvair showing at Road Atlanta.

Positive external publicity was generated for CORSA, and who knows, may result in additional members and renewed interest in the Corvair. Expected articles will highlight participant's efforts.

Thanks to all who were able to attend.

Chuck Sadek

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